Hosted Glossaries for Translators

We are pleased to host the following pages as resources for use by Japanese<>English translators.

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the original authors and compilers of these pages - namely Karen Sandness for the Head Scratchers glossary; and Tom Gally for jeKai, as well as everyone else who contributed to making these the very useful resources they have become.

Feel free to use them and refer to them in any way you see fit (also feel free to link to these pages). Note that we do not actually author the pages themselves, nor do we offer any guarantee as to the veracity of their content!

If anyone who has contributed to this content wishes to have identifying information or similar removed, please contact us at office AT-MARK and we'll take care of it.


A glossary compiled by Karen Sandness covering loanwords used in Japanese. Helpful in finding those difficult-to-understand ones!


In May 2000, a group of volunteers throughout the world began creating an open, free, online Japanese-English dictionary. The form and content of the dictionary are decided by the participants in the project. Among its features are the following:

  • Definitions that explain the meaning of words as completely as possible
  • As many examples as possible of each word in real contexts
  • Photographs and other illustrations, especially for entries about uniquely Japanese things
  • No restrictions on the type or range of vocabulary
  • No restrictions on the length of entries
  • The Honyaku Archive

    This is the home for the archives of Honyaku, an Internet mailing list for discussion of translation between Japanese and English. This covers the period 1994 through 2004. The search functionality appears broken, but the files can be downloaded for local searching.

    Proudly hosted by Nexus Translations