Cost effective translations you can rely on

Nexus Translations works with corporate customers such as Language Service Providers and corporate translation departments, providing translation capacity in a format tailored to suit any workflow. We can offer everything from small specialist teams covering the complete TEP process for a specific subject when you need expertise not available in-house, to large teams of translators for those occasions when you need additional capacity.

How Nexus Translations can help you

"My company needs extra translators for a large project, but wants to handle all the QC in-house"

Nexus Translations can provide you with additional translation capacity across a broad range of subjects, with delivery in the format that best suits your workflow (including a range of CAT tool formats).

"We have a large project we need translated. We don't have any QC staff, but we do want to edit the delivery ourselves."

Nexus Translations will provide both translation and quality control, delivering work that is both translated and checked to the highest levels of quality possible, which you can then edit as you see fit to suit your own needs.

"We have material that we need translated, checked, and edited to a publishable level."

Nexus Translations will put together teams of top-quality translators, QC staff, and editors to work on your projects, so that all you need to do is publish!

What we offer

01 Experience

We have extensive experience in handling multi-million word jobs with short lead-times.

02 Reliability

Proven, reliable, and securely-encrypted process management system, enabling transparent and comprehensive monitoring of all stages of the translation process.

03 Quality

Dependable quality, only using native-language translators intimately familiar with both the source subject matter and language.

04 Timezone flexibility

Translators in most time zones, to better handle urgent projects.

05 Excellent cost-performance
Our efficient processes and experienced team remove the need for extensive quality control measures.

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