Graham and his team have supported our project for the past several years. Each year we have received many compliments from Japanese-speaking recipients of our annual calendar about the high quality of the translations produced in it. We owe much of the success and growth of our project each year to the Nexus Translations team!

The This is Fukushima Production Team

We have been working with Marc and his team for close to three years, and are satisfied with Nexus' translation quality for Japanese to English translation in the area of machinery/mechanical projects. Marc and Graham are pleasant to work with, and we can always count on them to respond to emails promptly, accept urgent or complicated translation requests, and deliver work on schedule.

Major documentation and documentation machinery supplier, Singapore

(Name withheld for contractual reasons)

Nexus has translated corporate profiles and correspondence for senior management for us. Our business is complex, and requires extreme delicacy of expression. Nexus Translations has helped us enormously by providing nuanced, easily comprehensible translations.


We commissioned Nexus to provide copywriting services for pamphlets in European languages. The quality of their work, and the detailed feedback on the project meant a very satisfied end-client. We will definitely be using Nexus again.

C to C, Ltd.

We deal with clients who are actively working at expanding their operations overseas. We have been very happy with Nexus' dependable, accurate translations as well as their rapid handling of our requests.

CSC Design Inc.

Nexus Translations has translated contracts and proposals for Shelby Asia INC., as well as the frequent exchanges of email that our business entails. They offer a rapid response, offering clarification where needed, and delivered extremely accurate translations. They are a very reliable organization, and we expect to see them grow in the future.

Shelby Asia INC.