What is copywriting?

"Copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials. Copywriters are responsible for the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more." - American Writers & Artists Inc.

... and why do I need it?

What you say and how you say it plays a vital part in how your business is perceived by your business partners and by the world at large. Years of research and development, stringent quality control, superb manufacturing, and an outstanding product lineup... all may be for naught if you lack the ability to convey just how good your products and services really are.

Nexus Translations provides with talented copywriters who deliver copy that gets your message across—in the way you want. We will work with you to create documentation, brand slogans, product names, signs, and in fact anything word-related, helping to build your brand and gain your products the recognition they deserve. We have worked with some of the biggest names in a range of fields including consumer electronics, marine and automobile manufacturing, and even music production, and we're keen to help you get words to the right ears. Because after all... words matter!


The copywriting process

1. Inquiry

We receive an inquiry from a client and respond.

2.Initial assessment of the client and their brand

Working from the content of the initial inquiry, we carry out an initial assessment of the potential client and their brand, looking at their market presence, products, and visible branding strategies.

3. First meeting

We meet with the client to discuss their needs and create an outline for how the project should proceed. Depending on circumstances, such meeting may take place person to person, or over virtual conferencing mediums such as Skype.

4. Concept assessment

Nexus copywriters create a number of concepts in line with the conclusions from the initial meeting.

5. Initial proposal and draft

We use the concepts created to create an initial proposal and draft, which is submitted to the client for review.

6. Second meeting and initial feedback

After reviewing the content of the second meeting, Nexus copywriters alter the copy to reflect the wishes of the client.

7. Second draft

The finished copy is provided to the client for a final review, and any last minute changes are made.

8. Final feedback and editing

We meet with the client to discuss their needs and create an outline for how the project will proceed.

9. Delivery

The finished copy is delivered to the client.

Points for copywriting

  • Be aware of your brand strengths
  • Define the message you want to project
  • Avoid cliches... unless you want them!

Copywriting prices

Because every copywriting project is different, we do not offer one-fits-all pricing structure. Some projects require weeks of preparation and research, while others can be accomplished more easily, and our prices will reflect this. Don't worry, our initial assessments are free, and we will provide an estimate for your approval before we begin work. Contact us for more information! Get in touch