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Hamamatsu Business Matching Fair 2022


Speech contest at Hamamatsu Seisei Highschool


Messaging apps

Our offices are half a world away from each other, and as such we use messaging clients to keep in touch. We’ve all used them – WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Viber, Line, Signal… the list goes on.
But as a company, what do we actually need? Our requirements are simple – just text chat, audio calls, video calls, and screen sharing, and to have these functions (with the exception of screen sharing) work reliably on mobile as well as desktop. Nothing more.

At Nexus, we used Skype for many years. It worked fine for years, until it was acquired by Microsoft, at which point it became unstable and we stopped using it. We just couldn’t depend on it.

The various Google chat apps? We found them unreliable and constantly changing. Security was also a concern.
Viber? That worked for us adequately, but had its own issues.
Facebook Messenger? Concerns about privacy mean we are not that comfortable using it for what is sometimes confidential information. The same goes for WhatsApp.
Line? We both find this bloated and more of an entire ecosystem than a simple app that does a few things well.

Many messaging clients start off with basic functionality, but then suffer from ‘feature creep’ – the desire of software developers to keep adding functionality that inevitably adds complexity, and often instability and unreliability. We both enjoy simple software that does a few things well.

So what do we use now? We’ve been trialing Signal, and have been very impressed. It is built from the ground up to be secure, and it is very regularly updated. It’s simple, but that is a good thing. It does what we need, and it does it well.

But what about contacting other people? In these instances, we have to use what they use, so we still need to have some of these other chat apps installed. We even still use telephones sometimes! But for easy, reliable, and secure communications, we use Signal, and recommend it!

You can get signal here:



Supporting children in New Zealand

Nexus Translations is proud to support children in New Zealand through KidsCan 19for19.











Join us in fighting COVID-19

Here’s How YOU Can Help Find a Cure for COVID-19!

Here's How YOU Can Help Find a Cure for COVID-19!

Given the struggles that the world is going through at the moment, we’ve started using Folding@Home to try and help by contributing spare computer cycles to fighting COVID-19 as well as other diseases, and we’d like other people to join in!
Folding@Home can be set to run only when your computer is at idle, so there is no reason not to, apart from a tiny bump in electricity usage.
We’ve set up a team so we can see the difference that we’ve made, and we urge you to check it out.

Details as to how to install and configure are as follows:

Download from

through to around the 8 minute mark.

In the Change Identity tab,
Fill in:
Your name (anything is fine here)
Team Number 253826
Get a passkey if you like, but it’s not essential.
Tweak as detailed in the video.
That’s it!

Hosted Glossaries for Translators

ネクサス翻訳はWebサイト Hosted Glossaries for Translatorsを作成しました。
「Hosted Glossaries for Translators」は翻訳者が翻訳者のために作成した用語集や辞書を公開するための場です

「ビジネスマッチングフェアin Hamamatsu」に参加します!

「ビジネスマッチングフェアin Hamamatsu」に参加します!是非見に来てください!


(English) Article in Japanese!












(English) Text-to-Speech software in translation

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 English のみです。


宴会を通して会社間のコミュニケ―ションを深めたり、交渉を進めるやり方は日本だけではなく、東アジア文化の一つと言えるだろう。ただ、西洋では会社間の交渉にあたって飲む機会は日本と比べると少ない。社長層や管理職職員は、会社の交渉にゴルフなどはある程度するが、会社間の社員、課長、部長は飲みながら膝を交えて、スナック・カラオケ・パブ・クラブ等には行くことはほとんどない。 日本だったら「飲めばはっきり言える」ということは大切だが、はっきり言うために飲酒が必要というのは、会議での交渉ではあまり腹を割って話せないということに関係があるのだろうか???


西洋でもアルコールの役割がないわけではない。国によっては、ビジネススタイルの一つにいわゆる「ビジネスランチ」をする場合もある。文字通りに「昼食」のことである。午後は、会社に戻らないといけない。酔っ払ったり騒いだりしている場合ではない。ビジネスランチの目的は基本的に営業がメインである。レストランで美味しい食事やワインなどを楽しみながら交渉するのは普通だ。一方、日本の夜の飲み会や宴会の目的は人間関係を深くすることがメインで、大切な会社間の交渉はあまり進まないかもしれない。 なぜ、このような違いがあるのか?日本は昔から「飲む」文化で、飲酒は文化に根差しているが、一方、欧米はそれ程でもない。彼らにとって、そもそも飲むことは楽しむためであって、仕事以外にすることなのである。また、日本以外の国では宗教上の理由で飲まない人もいることも忘れてはならない。 仕事上でのパーティや宴会などで日本スタイルの飲み方、とにかく飲んで楽しむというスタイルは欧米社会では好まれないことが多く、その人や会社のイメージダウンにつがなる。